TMJ treatment for the Plainville, CT community

“TMJ” stands for the temporomandibular joints. These small joints located in the front of each ear attach your lower jaw to your skull.

These joints allow you to open and close your mouth for chewing, speaking and swallowing. TMJ disorders can be caused by a variety of factors, including major trauma such as an auto accident, teeth-clenching or systemic joint disease like rheumatoid arthritis.

TMJ does not have one common treatment path. Different types of TMJ problems respond to varying types of TMJ treatment methods, ranging from conservative therapies to more aggressive approaches.

Our team at Central CT Dental Group is highly skilled in providing Plainville and Farmington clients with professional TMJ treatments.

Together we’ll work closely with you to determine the best course of TMJ treatment to alleviate your pain.

It is important for you to act fast. TMJ can cause a number of problems for your teeth the longer you ignore it. Give our Plainville, CT office a call today at 860-479-1500 to get started.

We happily accept clients from Farmington,
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